it’s not about owning the media; it’s about supporting the artist.

So after reading countless articles about this SOPA & Protect IP act issue in the media, I have come to the conclusion that America is failing at understanding the constitution and we need a little refresher course. I have the right to blog my opinion about this issue due to the freedom of speech which allows me to freely speak my mind without being punished by the law. Now it is quite obvious that the internet has pretty much abolished all forms of raw media. We are now able to access the internet from just about everywhere on the planet and get instant updates on the world. We no longer need to wait for our Sunday papers to arrive because we have our IPads or Nooks or even our smart phones to read them instantly. && then there’s Itunes who has single handedly crushed the idea of actually purchasing as CD. Almost everyone has the free Apple software in some form and it simplifies everyone music collection in one easy access place. So people are downloading music and this is hurting the music industry among others so let’s develop a bill to prevent this and while we’re all it let’s limit what our internet users can see and purchase as well. Most of the website that allow users to download media are outside of the US so their hands are tied on how to deal with this issue. The Protect IP act would give the government the ability to block these websites and whichever websites they deem “against” this act from our viewers here in the US. However not all downloading music is illegal. Many artists release music regularly just to show appreciation to their fans which would no longer be possible with this act in place. This would also give the government the right to sue search engines such as Google or Bing for providing links to these sites or even blogs proving the links written by you or I. They also plan to cut off the funds given to the US companies that advertise with these websites which would cause most to go bankrupt almost instantly once hit with a lawsuit is this act were to move forward. However our internet is made of numbers and codes that can be cracked and changed all the time. So to view one of these websites the government plans on blocking all you would need to know if the IP address and use these numbers instead of the regular URL. Google alone would have to be constantly monitoring what’s being posted on the entire web because they would be held responsible in front of the wrong judge if someone posted something and their search engine allowed others to find and access it. This act would make Youtube, Soundcloud & even Tumblr could be mistaken for piracy websites. The interesting part of this whole issue is how it stems from wanting us to buy more movies. Messing with the coding and interworking of the internet would mess with the security of our nation and the internet as a whole.
Monitoring Facebook and Twitter and punishing users for posting “copyrighted” work such as music they like to listen to or picture they found appealing would be criminal. The sites themselves would risk getting shut down for not punishing users providing a single link to a location that allows downloading. Remember when it was just about making the music for people to enjoy and be happy about it. When it was just another form of art to pass the time and find pleasure in. I more than understand how upsetting it is to be on the other side and losing money because people don’t want to pay for your music but if you are really as amazing as you believe to be. Your fans will support you in what you do. I still buy CDs and go to movies all the time because to me it’s not about owning the media; it’s about supporting the artist. Most of the time the album leaks and being as anxious as I am to hear it I’ve already played in 100x over but the day it comes out if I truly believe in your talent I’ll buy the  CD or go see the movie. It shouldn’t be about the number of downloads, it should be about the number of people you touch. The number of people who would go out of their way to support you and come see your concert or movie or guest appearance on a talk show. The recording industry is confused on how much power the fans really hold and I think that by punishing them and restricting their ability to gain access and hear their music will only blow up in their faces. It’s the artists who will give their music away freely that will go places. & the government is making this act a priority when there are so many other issues that cost people there lives every day they could be attending to, but instead we are creating laws so people buy more movies. America really has its priorities in the right place.


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