my newest addiction: pinterest.

A few months ago I was playing around on the internet and stumbled across this site called Pinterest. It’s a vitural pinboard for the things you stumble across or like online. People can collaborate their ideas and “pin” them to the site so others can browse through them as well and be inspired. Fashion, art, music, travel, are some of the more common topics but their really is a little bit of something for everyone. Face book as just recently caught on to the trend allowing you to “pin” things from the site to your profile so the two sites are linked. I personally think this might become a tad annoying since I literally pin everything I see on the site so I’m thinking people wont want to overload their Facebooks but I guess we’ll see. Anyways, that’s my update on the newest social media trend. It is an invite site so you need to know someone already on the website to invite you or request one which takes a few days. If you’d like to check it out message me your email address & i’ll send you an invite.


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