nothing mattered but the music.

Counting down the days until Lollapalooza 2012.
Thinking about years past.

After three amazing days of history in the making the energy level as fallen from its peak. I’m now standing in the puddles from the rain that fell hours ago with two of my very best friends anxiously awaiting the final set. Suddenly the sky gets a little darker and you can feel the rain coming. The skyline of Chicago surrounding us and I’m still in awe we’re actually here. It’s a little past 8 now and the rain starts to fall slowly. Everyone starts to seek shelter and the beat drops. The crowd falls silent and suddenly thousands of people start to move towards the brightly light stage as Deadmau5 starts his set. In that moment no one cared about a thing. As the field below us turned to mud, nobody stopped dancing. Complete strangers moving together as some tried to fight their way to the stage. It’s down pouring now and still no one seems to notice. The vibrations of the bass pulsate throughout the crowd and the outline of a mouse reigns above all. Nothing mattered but the music.


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