soja. the cabooze. minneapolis, mn.


o2.19.2o12. – The show started with “Mentality” a track off their new album that was released just weeks prior. Lead singer Jacob Hemphill was sure to thank the crowd for coming out and supporting their band and it’s message. It was amazing to be surrounded by like-minded people all there for music supporting such a deserving band. Being a fan of their music and having listened to them from back when they opened for Rebelution it was awesome so see them as a headliner. It’s endearing to see people so thankful and appreciative for their fans. The perfect mix of classics and new creations filled The Cabooze while a couple hundred fans sang along to each word for the entire 2 hours they played. They closed the show with “When We Were Younger” and without doubt were demanded back on stage for an encore. The set closed with “Everything Changes” which is one of the more popular songs they have and the crowd as so happy and full of energy. It’s truely a humbling experience to see them live and feel their passion for what they do. Every song the have has a message of a better world and it’s very obvous that they put their all in each note. I would highly recommend attending their show to anyone even if they don’t think they connect with reggae music. This band truely believes in the powere of music and with that power they intend to change the world someday.


born this way ball.

It’s official Born This Way Ball will start this April in Korea according to Lady Gaga’s latest tweet. American Dates have not been released yet but she did reveal that 110 performances are taking place. We most likely will not see Mother Monster in the states until 2013 but rest assured “The Born This Way Ball is an Electro-Metal Pop-Opera; the tale of the Beginning, the genesis of the Kingdom of Fame. How we were birthed and how we will die celebrating.”

Who’s excited?! This girl.



This could be debated as the best purchase of my life.
At first being the girl in me is attracted to anything pink and the fact I was traveling to New York made me want to splurge and invest in a pair of Dre Beats headphones but I fought the urge because “no one needs a pair of heed phones that cost $299.99.” Well I was wrong.
Last week my boyfriend surprised me with a pair of the headphones for my birthday. And I promise you I have not been able to stop listening, thinking about listening and being disappointed with the music quality all around me since I first put them on. Now being that I am a huge fan of live music and wouldn’t prefer to hear it any other these headphones are close to a miracle cure for my addiction. They have built in bass so you literally feel the music as if you are actually there live. I mean physically feel the bass. This alone is a selling point for me. The headphones come with a carrying case which is nice for travel and are extremely comfortable for the first few hours of use. They also block out all sound around you so you can zone of entirely and take in only music if you please. Anyone who listens to and loves music should own a pair. Also for those who are skeptical because of the price, Best Buy offers a protection plan for $40.00/ 2 years and wear or damage you cause or if something happens by design malfunction, all covered. No worries. Do yourself a favor & by them with your tax return. :]